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Pharmacy Technicians deal with the common health problems of the people in a scientifically sound and cost effective manner using appropriate technology and holistic approach under the guidance and supervision of a qualified graduate pharmacist.

How To Join Pips

Pharmacy Technician perform/ assist in compounding, dispensing the pharmaceutical preparations, filling, packing and labeling of dispensed medicaments, supply and storage of drugs, surgical and miscellaneous items in dispensaries, pharmacies, medical stores, laboratories and in hospital wards and other as per Healthcare system Requirement. Our Pharmacy Technician program provides both the theoretical and practical skills required to advance towards becoming a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT).

As a newly regulated profession with a greater scope of practice, pharmacy technicians play an integral role in the pharmacy practice environment in both hospital and community pharmacies. Under this new profession, technicians take on more responsibility for the technical components of dispensing within the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists to provide more comprehensive patient care services. Our campus has simulated lab environments with workstations that allow for students to perform skills and competencies in a safe manner. The program provides students with extensive hands-on training in these simulated lab environments. Students gain knowledge in pharmaceutical and medical terminology, pharmaceutical and sterile calculations used in prescribing and dispensing of medications, as well as the computer skills necessary in pharmacy practice. Practicing pharmacists, program coordinators, and industry-related professionals are consulted so as to ensure our program meets the highest educational standards available in the industry today. Each instructor possesses specific education and experience in the courses they teach.

We Prepare Our Students For…

Concept and knowledge of drugs and their development Therapeutic uses of drugs and medicines Toxicology of drugs and their side effects Management of drugs administration and pharmaceutical care Legal aspects and basic principles of pharmacy practice Preventive and therapeutic measures for management of health and disease Understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing in order to assist the production pharmacist Educate, guide and help in adoption of preventive and curative measures against disease Improve his professional knowledge, skills and attitudes

So, don’t forget your grades or the CGPA that you have to either maintain or need to bring up, or may be compete with a classmate who is ahead of you in academics. It could also be that self-respect of being a smart student and remaining in the good-books of the teacher. Remember a motivated student can achieve high. So, come to the point of getting started and don’t look back.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Matric with Sciences or Computer Science.

1.Minimum Matricculation with science or equivalent.
Pharmaceutics-1 (General, Physical and Dispensing)
Anatomy and Physiology
Biochemistry and Microbiology
Pharmaceutics-1 (General, Physical and Dispensing).